work in process 2006 – …


“Workplaces at night” is a three-part project combining performance, investigative research techniques, and creative imagining. We are exploring evidence of labour during the absence of the workers.

Is representation of work/labour possible?
We visited workplaces at night with flashlights. We made photographic and video
documentation of the left-over, or unfinished tasks resulting from daytime operations.

What do we learn about work processes by exploring workplaces after the employees have left?
What is production? What are the conditions?
Do we find spaces that are not connected with the context of production?
What is the state “of being productive”?
What does the term “creation” mean within the so-called cultural production?
Do we find evidence of “cultural industry” within workplaces that are not connected with cultural production?

The project consists of three parts
action > visits to different workplaces at night with flashlights and cameras: lawyer’s office,
medical practice, multimedia studio, theater, airport, toy factory, roofing company, architectural office, candle factory, barbershop, artist’s studio
publication > presenting recorded material in a catalog and a blog
(text archive and images attempting to define “WORK” and “PRODUCTION”)
installation > establishing a space to present the material (installation, video, photography, text)

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